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 I carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. My most popular products are shown below. All of these books are in PDF format and are in a zip file that can be immediately downloaded. You can then print the book using the password provided to you via email. Just click on the picture of the book you want and you will proceed to check out. Once you have paid you will be redirected to the download page. Pay using Paypal or credit card.
Please note: Be sure the quantity of your purchase is one for each item you wish to purchase or you will end up paying more for your book.
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 Guitar 1-$19.95
This book covers the very beggining of guitar. And, since getting started with some thing new is often difficult with out direction. It comes with mp3s of the lessons that would go with each exercise. This book is a must have for any beginning guitarist.
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Guitar 2-$19.95
This book covers additional chords
and performance using the foundations
from Guitar 1.
Learn 7th chords, suspension chords,
barre chords, counting in different time
signatures, and more.  There is no mp3
with this book since the foundations for
this book are covered in Guitar 1.
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This book covers the very beginning of music theory and its application to guitar. It then takes you through chords and scales.
The reason this book is so good is that it is a workbook, not just a textbook! It is 150 pages of guitar theory explained in layman's terms. No need for a music degree to understand this one. With its easy to read material and efficient organization, you won't find a better theory book for guitar.
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This book builds your right hand finger picking performance from the ground up. It starts with simple exercises and moves to more advanced patterns. This book also comes with an mp3 of every exercise, so you know you are practicing it correctly.
With 108 exercises written in both tab and standard sheet music, there is no better way to improve your right hand in order to play any style of music.
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Noel's Daily Beat Up-$9.95
Do you want to move efficiently and effortlessly around the guitar neck at blinding speeds? Do you want to sweep pick and play arpeggios?
This exercise book will build up the strength, flexibility, and endurance of both the left and right hands.  It comes with an mp3 of all the exercises, so you can play along with a guitar and not your metronome. Or, you can go a step further and create a song in any audio recording program that will import mp3s. This allows you to increase or decrease the speed to fit your own ability.
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Ear Training For Guitar 1 -$14.95
Do you want to be able to play your favorite songs simply by hearing them? Most ear training is taught using the piano. The problem is, you're a guitar player!  If you train on the piano then you will be able to hear it on piano. It will take you years to transfer it to the way a guitar player uses them. This is because piano players use the intervals, chords, arpeggios and scales in a different way than a guitar player. Look no further, this ear training book is made for the guitarist. All of the mp3s with this book are played on guitar. Learn to hear and identify intervals, Major and minor chords, Arpeggios, and scales as the guitar player uses them. When you are done with this book you will be able to identify them in the songs you love, which will aid you in playing them. This book is also a workbook in pdf format. This workbook will walk you through step by step to build everything you need to be successful at listening. It is also an excellent addition to Guitar 1. Whether a beginner or an expert you can't continue to grow musically without a good ear. 
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The Guitar God Package- $38.14
So you want to be a Guitar God? There are three things that will make or break that goal. You must not only aquire the knowledge behind scales and chords, but be able to apply them to your guitar neck on all the frets. Enter the Guitar Theory Workbook. Then you must develop speed which means a good knowledge of how to practice, not just what to practice. This is covered in Noel's Daily Beat Up. And finally you must be able to instantly reconize what you are hearing and play it. Even when the only sounds are in your own mind. This is covered in Ear training For Guitar 1.
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