Noel Hernandez - Jam Alongs
Noel Hernandez - Guitar, Bass, Voice, Music Theory, Engineering Lessons
Jam along with Noel!
These mp3s are 12 bar blues progresions in the five most popular keys for blues, rock, and pop music. Each mp3 is titled by the key it is in. If you don't know the 12 bar blues yet then purchase Guitar 1 book on the products page. Once you have learned it, you can jam along.
Noel is playing on bass and drums. All the guitar parts are left for you to play. Drag the waves into your favorite music software and record rhythm guitar, then a solo! Or, just play with itunes and jam along!
12 bar blues in A.mp3 (MP3 — 4 MB)
12 bar blues in D.mp3 (MP3 — 4 MB)
12 bar blues in G.mp3 (MP3 — 4 MB)
12 bar blues in C.mp3 (MP3 — 4 MB)
12 bar blues in E.mp3 (MP3 — 4 MB)
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